Velikonoční zábava - Koupaliště a kemp, Pecka


Velikonoční zábava s country kapelou Náhoda, Pecka od 18 hod.

Why are there so few new substances? Most of the drugs currently used were developed in the 1950s and 1970s, after which the development almost ceased for three decades. A fertile "golden vein" - the study of soil bacterial streptomycetes, which gave almost all known classes of antibiotics - was almost exhausted: new studies only provided open substances, and there were no technologies and resources for screening of chemical libraries at the laboratories. But it's not just that. The absence of new antibiotics is a consequence of this "perfect storm" of coincidental reasons, primarily economic ones. First, new antibiotics, unlike some immunomodulators, need a relatively small number of patients, and these patients live mainly (but not only!) In poor countries.


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